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Ms. Ever Green: The Health Benefits of Chia Seeds:


On a gram-per-gram basis chia seeds contain;

- 15 x more magnesium than broccoli

- 7 x more vitamin C than oranges

- 6 x more calcium than milk

- 3 x more antioxidants than blueberries

- 3 x more iron than spinach

If that’s not enough to make any health nut swoon, Chia seeds also…

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The Naive Optimist: 7 Do's and Don'ts for Founders


I recently got a request from @marcusedvalson that I’d like to tackle …

Based on running my own companies…

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The Scanomat Top Brewer - with iPad Control

This is better than Starbucks…because there’s a midget inside that is your personal barista. 

No price tag yet, but I’m sure it won’t be too hilariously overpriced. Hopefully.


Time Wasting: the New Divide

Matt Richtel’s New Yorker piece, titled “Wasting Time Is New Divide in Digital Era” explores the divide between how children of poorer families and well-off families spend time online. 

Summary: poorer kids use the Internet more for entertainment, while richer kids are more likely to be taught to use online for some educational purposes. 

Also: check out this time management toolset by MindTools that MAY (and ONLY if you stay off reddit, whatshouldwecallme, pintrest and The Superficial) improve your management skills. Go now, before you forget:


Anatomy of a Job Interview 

Summary: confidence, charm, and chile (smile).


Emerson Spartz - Entrepreneur since age 12

Check out Spartz’s interview with Red Rocket’s George Deeb (click through).

Then, toddle on over to “the luckiest man in the world’s” website and read more:


Emerson’s “magic to making something go viral is to: (i) remove any barriers that impede virility (give users the tools they need); (ii) plant the seeds with the highest demanded “fat tail” content (tested ahead of time in small sample pools); and (iii) repeat the process in other like-minded communities.”


Fast Company Feat: ZIBA

Example of a great business idea: clothes hanger that doesn’t stretch the neck of your clothes.



The Big Snit - by Richard Conde

One of my favourite videos.

"Well pull my lips off. Looks like ahh..a bunch of people..uh..must be some sort of…ah….is there some sort of parade on?" 


Part 3 of The Developer’s Guide to Design!

This one is only if you’re looking to hire a designer, and is a bit less fun than the previous two. However, they have good links. 


When Goofs and Gaffes Become Learning Opportunities 

FastCompany interviewed Douglas Lebda, CEO of LendingTree for 30 seconds. Here’s what he has to say about making mistakes.  

Summary: Say sorry. Learn from it. Move on.


While I was working at Indochino (, I met a gentleman named Chris. While I fitted him for a suit, we discussed our employment situations. After hearing about my love of working with people and my entrepreneurial thoughts, he recommended that I check out The Hub. It’s a place where social entrepreneurs can work together to develop ideas and to be creative. There’s an open get together every Friday from 5-7pm, where noobs can drop by and check out the space. You should probably drop by. 

71 Bank Street, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1P 5N2
(613) 680-3506


MONEYNING: Nine Ways to Start Earning Extra Money on the Side 


1. Do your research (Craigslist, Ebay, Google statistics) and find out what people are buying.

2. Figure out a way to improve a product or service that is already out there, or create your own unique solution to a problem.

3. Create a basic outline of where you are now, and where you want to be in a set time. Fill in how you’re going to get there (buying a domain name, creating a business plan, writing your company profile, finding your target demographic). 

4. ???

5. Profit. 

ps If you keep drawing a complete blank, but you still want to make the monies, check out this linke for “15 Ways to Earn Money” (, you lazy…computer user, you. 


The Social Media Etiquette Handbook 

Techmedia’s 2008 handbook is still relevant today, and can be applied to all new forms of social media. The bottom line is to continue to be more like Reese Witherspoon than Lindsay Lohan. 

Quick Tips of What Not to Do


Lindsay Lohan: Ask for an introduction instead of randomly adding someone.

Super Lindsay Lohan: Adding a stranger and repeatedly asking for favours.


Lindsay Lohan: Mass following everyone and then discussing All About You.

Super Lindsay Lohan: Follow someone and then when that person follows you back, unfollow them. Proceed to discuss an inflated level of awesomeness.


Lindsay Lohan: Adding your entire address list to your LinkedIn profile.

Super Lindsay Lohan: Asking every addition for a recommendation. 

*It is highly unlikely that LiLo would use LinkedIn, so this is a hypothetical scenario.